What Makes Men Wearing Panties Unique?

What sets men wearing panties apart? Men wearing panties are is a very popular fetish which has benefited from the Internet. If you are one such man and are looking for a group of like-minded guys, you are in the right place. Pantyguyz allows you to meet, interact and do a lot more with such  … Read more

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Men wearing panties come from all walks of life. What does the practice show? That he thinks outside the box and does not fear to show off the attribute. So, if you have an urge to wear panties and are attracted to other men, go for it. To some men panties are comfortable while to  … Read more

Get Excited with Men in Panties

What’s Men In Panties Community? Men in Panties is an online community. Many people want to see men in panties. It’s one kind of sexual desire. To satisfy this desire a person can get help online. If you have this desire then you can join this community. In this community, you can see many men  … Read more

A Community For Men Wearing Panties

Men wearing panties can sexually arouse many people. It’s a fetish. Hence, the PantyGuyz website has built an online community. This community will allow you to see many men wearing panties. You can chat with these men and you can see their videos. The best part of this website is that you can date other  … Read more

Know About Men in Panties Community

The men in panties community is rapidly growing. Their activities have some satisfaction with them that men like to feel. The community involves several men who fancy putting on panties that belong to women and also sniff them while keeping them just around them. These guys who have a common fantasy do come together to  … Read more

Insights on Men in Panties

Men in panties have become a kind of sexual thrill. There is a number of people who really enjoy it when men put on clothing that belongs to women. But truly speaking men putting on women’s underpants is something craved by many men. People with such a craving can come together in a community and  … Read more

Arouse Your Sensual Feeling By Watching Men Wearing Panties

The New Art Of Men Wearing Panties And How It Influences Seduction Men wearing panties may sound like a far-fetched thought, but not to those that believe in taking the art of sexual arousal to the next steps. And no, we are not talking about models only conveniently posing in panties for publicity purposes.  The  … Read more