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Men wearing panties is a trend which is on the rise. Some men find some form of satisfaction when they wear panties, or they see other men wearing them. There are several sites which gather information about men who love wearing panties. The best way for men who love wearing panties to get to interact  … Read more

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PantyGuyz is an online community for men wearing panties. It brings together men to set updates, watch videos, view images and also explore other fetishes from others. On this site, your orientation on sex doesn’t matter. You could be gay, straight, crossdresser, bisexual or just anything you yearn for. With this community your identity is  … Read more

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The Magic That Is Men Wearing Panties Community The idea of men wearing panties community may seem far-fetched, but it is something that is extremely popular. It is a concept for those who do not fear exploring their sensuality to the maximum. What images conjures up in your mind whenever you think of men wearing  … Read more