PantyGuyz houses a huge community of men wearing panties and men in panties. This is a fetish for some people. Men and women are able to get sexually excited or aroused with different underwear types such as men wearing panties, men in panties, bras, and many other items.

Men in panties sexual excitement can happen in different ways. Some people get sexually excited from sniffing, wearing, smelling, looking at, or observing other panties. For other people, they may get sexually aroused by somebody wearing panties. Moreover, with the men in panties fetish, many men are able to be aroused simply by seeing imagery of used panties displayed on digital products such as smartphones and computers.

Used Panties for Men in Panties

Used panties are also a popular panty fetish for some people. A woman or a man can wear used panties to get sexual satisfaction. One top online marketplace where you can buy and sell used panties is snifffr. Using this website, you will find thousands of women and men selling and buying used panties. Men purchase used panties for wearing and this is considered as men in panties.

Men in Panties Dating

Apart from being able to find others preferring the same sexual enjoyment and pleasure as you, the site also has many features enabling you to find someone you may be interested in dating.

Powerful Search Function

The filter and powerful search functionality available enables you to look and find men in panties that you may desire. To ensure that men looking for you are able to find you, you should correctly provide all your personal details.

Fake Check

Our fake check process helps in ensuring that pictures uploaded by users are legit. While a fake check is not a mandatory requirement, it is important to note that many men prefer other men who have passed the fake check.

Private Message

The private message feature makes it possible to communicate with other users on the website. With private message function, for you to talk with someone, there is no requirement for both of you to be online at the same time. Moreover, using a private message is really simple. You only need to go to the profile of a user and then click or tap private message.

Live Online Chat

This feature enables you to talk with other users of the website in real time. Live online chat works on a mobile phone, laptop, desktop and tablet. Other top features of the website include an image gallery, video gallery, webcam, and reviews.

How does it Work

You first need to sign up for free. You are required to provide your username and email address. Ensure that your profile image is beautiful and attractive. Frequently change your profile pictures to keep things fresh.

Once you have an account, it is then possible to browse profiles of different users having the same interest as you. You are also able to view panties and videos of different users for your sexual satisfaction. You can also upload videos of yourself wearing panties. You should ensure that you are frequently uploading new videos and images to be able to keep things fresh which is important for attracting more potential viewers and even a date.