Men wearing panties is a fetish that involves a man or woman getting sexually aroused by seeing another man wearing panties or wearing the used panties themselves. This is a fetish that most people have but never realize until they are old enough. In most cases, you can tell that one has the men wearing panties fetish during their tender age by how much they love handling the female undergarments. However, the men wearing panties fetish is nothing to be worried about. This fetish was first taken seriously in Japan, where there were used panties for sale in vending machines.

Dating men wearing panties

Men wearing panties is a fetish that can be manifested in anyone, including gays, lesbians, bisexuals, bicurious, and crossdressers. This means that you may easily find yourself in a relationship with someone who loves seeing men wearing panties. This is particularly real with the many concerns that are raised by married women who find their husbands wearing panties. Moreover, there are those men who love to date men wearing panties. Some gays find themselves loving to see or interact intimately with men wearing panties. However, they find it hard to satisfy this fetish unless they join reliable men wearing panties communities.

Where to find men wearing panties

Gone are the days when one would deny himself the sexual satisfaction of seeing men in panties. Today, there are so many men wearing panties communities which you can join and interact with people who have your fetish. In these communities, you can communicate and also find a dating partner. Pantyguyz is one such reliable online community where you will find men wearing panties, ready to help you satisfy your fetish. Pantyguyz offers you the chance to communicate with men wearing panties through private message or webcam. The user-friendly platform also always you to create lists of your favorite men wearing panties.

Pictures and videos of men wearing panties

On pantyguyz, you can easily see and save images and videos of men wearing panties in your gallery. You can then visit your galleries at your own free time. You can also put in requests with the men wearing panties on pantyguyz on what you would like done with the used panties. In most cases, clients will ask for panties worn for several days to make the smell stronger.

Women who love men wearing panties

Surprisingly enough, most women confess of loving to see men wearing panties. The men wearing panties is also a fetish among some women. They agree to forcing their husbands/boyfriends to wear their panties and walk around them to make them sexually aroused. This has resulted in a considerable number of females both straight and lesbians joining men wearing panties online communities such as pantyguyz to satisfy their men wearing panties fetish.