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PantyGuyz is a huge community of men in panties and men wearing panties. The online community is a platform that brings together men to explore the fetishism, setup date, view images and watch videos. Your sexual orientation does not matter on PantyGuyz, anything goes. You may be straight, gay, bisexual, bi curious, crossdresser transgenered or anything you wish! The online community allows you to be discreet and stay anonymous.

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History of panty fetishism

Panties fetishism is a sexual fetishism which relates directly to underwear. Men and women get sexual excited with certain types of underwear. This can include all types of underwear such as men in panties, men wearing panties, stockings, pantyhose, bras and many other items.

Sexual excitement from men in panties can happen in various ways. Some people get excitement from wearing, looking at, sniffing, smelling or observing the panties. Additionally, other may get aroused from somebody wearing panties. There have even been cases of used panties being stolen for satisfaction. Another popular fetish is men in panties. Many men get aroused by imagery of used panties on digital products like computers or smartphones.

Used panties

Another popular type of panty fetishism involves used panties. Men or women may choose to wear used panties for satisfaction. This is closely aligned with men in panties who get a sexual thrill out of it. The used panty industry has grown significantly in recent years. A very fast growing and well used website with thousands of users is snifffr. On this website, there are thousands of men and women who buy and sell used panties. Many of these men purchase the used panties to wear them which is considered men in panties.

On snifffr, sellers usually charge for the used panties based on the number of days the panties are worn for and what has been done in the panties. This industry is closely aligned to the men in panties fetishism.

The PantyGuyz website is built for the convenience of its users. The online community has many features and benefits which aid communication and enjoyment of men in panties. Below, are just a few of those benefits.


The website has an exclusive dating section for men in panties. In this section, you will find others who have the same enjoyment and pleasure as you. Using the sites features, you can easily view a profile of someone you are interested in dating. On PantyGuyz, you will find others who enjoy men in panties as much as you do.

Additionally, you can use the filter and search functionality to look for men in panties that you desire. For this reason, it is important to list all your personal details correctly. This will ensure the men looking for you can easily find you too!

Fake Check

To help you know that pictures uploaded are legit, we have set up a fake check process. Users are encouraged to pass the fake check. However, this is not mandatory or required. To pass the fake check, a user needs to write on an A4 piece of paper: todays date and the word PantyGuyz. Then, they should hold the A4 paper and take a selfie of themselves. This can then be submitted to the PantyGuyz website for review.

Once you have passed your fake check, you will get a badge on your online profile that showing that you have passed your fake check. Many men prefer to talk to other men who have passed the fake check.

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Men in Panties Private Message

A great way to communicate with others on the website is through private message. When you have found a person you want to chat with, you can use the private message function. The benefit of private message is that you both do not need to be online simultaneously to talk. It is really easy to use private message. Navigate to the persons profile that you want to talk to and click on Private Message.

Live Online Chat

Do you want to chat in real time with other people? One of the best features of PantyGuyz is live online chat. On the chat, you can meet new people and get to know them. You can find out about their interests and what you have in common. You may want to then view their profile and look at their imagery and videos. Many dates are successfully set up on live online chat. Live online chat will work across all devices including your mobile phone, desktop, laptop and tablet.


One of the biggest attractions for men interested in panties is to view images of men in panties. The PantyGuyz website has a gallery for you to browse. You will also get your own gallery on your profile page to upload your imagery. Many people will look at the imagery and then private message the person to chat further. Your images can be anything you choose such as softcore, hardcore, couples and men in panties. As they say, a picture says a thousand words!

Ensure that you upload a beautiful profile image to your profile. This is the first point of call in the online community. Other people will browse the profile page and be attracted to profile pictures. They will then click on your profile picture to find out more about you. You should try to keep your picture fresh. Therefore, you may choose to frequently upload pictures.

Videos of Men in Panties

Who doesn’t like a video! The video section on PantyGuyz is extremely popular. You can upload videos of yourself in panties. Other men can this view the video for sexual satisfaction. It’s suggested that the videos are not too long to avoid upload and download issues. You can always reach out to support if you have issues. The videos can be of anything you like.

The video section on PantyGuyz is very popular and a great area of the website to visit. As with images, it is nice for others if you have are frequently uploading new videos.

Men In Panties


Men In Panties