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Men wearing panties has become extremely popular around the world in recent years. This is a fetish that men get sexual gratification from. It is a fetish that tens of thousands of men globally enjoy. The used panties industry is closely related to the men wearing panties fetish. PantyGuyz is a community based platform that caters to the men wearing panties fetish. The website boasts a huge range of large features that make it easy for users.

There are all different types of people with different sexual orientations that enjoy this industry. This includes people who are straight, gay, bi sexual, bi curios, couples, transgender and more. The website caters for all individuals no matter your sexual preference. In addition, PantyGuyz has a huge focus on privacy. Should you wish to stay anonymous, the website caters to your needs. It’s your discretion how much of your identity you wish to reveal.

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Panty Fetishism History

Panty fetishism relates to undergarment sexual fetishism. Thousands of people across the world get sexual satisfaction from view and feeling panties. This can also include handling other items such as stockings, pantyhose, bras and many other items. There are thousands of mean who enjoy men wearing panties which cause sexual excitement. This can also include someone putting on sexy panties or removing them.

Some men get a huge amount of sexual satisfaction from seeing men wearing under imagery and video. They enjoy watching men perform sexual acts in panties as this creates sexual stimulation. This can be a softcore or hardcore nature depending on the individual. For example some men enjoy seeing men wearing panties that expose the buttocks or penile area. This is all a personal preference depending on the individual.

Men wearing Used panties

A common fetish which is very popular is the enjoyment of sniffing used panties. There is a global website which is dedicated to the sniffing of used panties, snifffr. The online platform boasts tens of thousands of users. Men and women will typically buy used panties from another person to smell. Men also enjoy buying used underwear to smell. The cost of the panties and underwear is usually driven by the number of days the undergarments are worn for. In addition, the buyer might request for certain acts to be performed in the panties, such as male or female masturbation.

The used panties industry was first discovered in Japan. Men could buy used panties and underwear through vending machines. However, this was problematic due exposure. There was no privacy in approaching a vending machine to buy used panties. The internet has made this extremely easier as you can stay anonymous behind a screen.

Live Chat for Men Wearing Panties

If you are looking to chat online with men wearing panties, then PantyGuyz is the website you have been looking for. PantyGuyz has a live chat section which is extremely popular. Here, you can chat live with other men who share the same fetish as you. Live chat is a great way to meet other people and get to know them. At any point in time, you can be chatting with more than one other person, if you choose! A live conversation is a great way to learn more about an individual as you get to know them.

Through live chat, you might want to set up a date with another person. You will definitely have something in common – men wearing panties!

Friends & Favourites

As you browse through the many people on the online community website, you are sure going to find a few that are your favourites. The PantyGuyz website has a function that allows you to create a favourites list. This will enable you to get back in touch with them when returning to the website. It’s a great way to save you time. All you need to do is mark your favourite mean wearing panties for quick access.

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Men Wearing Panties Dating

The dating section on PantyGuyz is extremely popular. You may want to set up a date with someone living in the same area as you. Many people visit the PantyGuyz website to find someone to date who is also interested in men wearing panties. You may also choose to use the filter to narrow down your search. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that you also enter in all your information correctly so that you can be found too! Head on over to the dating section to find out more.

Search by Your Preferences

PantyGuyz has an excellent search feature. Everyone has different taste for men wearing panties. The search feature on PantyGuyz allows you to search and filter according to many options. This ensures you can quickly and easily find the exact person you are looking for. Once you have found them and viewed their profile, you might want to strike a conversation on online chat or send them a private message.

Mean wearing Pantyhose

Additionally, men wearing pantyhose is very popular. This is a similar fetish to men wearing panties. It is common that mean wearing pantyhose keep it discreet or anonymous and commonly hide it from their wives or partners. However, many men who share this fetish with their partners are hopeful that their partner joins in on the fetish. Where both parties wear pantyhose, sexual arousal may be heightened.


Men Wearing Panties