Nowadays men wearing panties has become a very common and popular norm. This is an obsession that some men use as a means to achieve their sexual gratification. It is also an obsession that many men around the world enjoy. There are platforms that cater to the needs of men wearing panties obsessions. Pantyguyz is one example of these men wearing panties community-based platforms.

History of men wearing panties

Panties fetishism is considered an obsession that is sexual and directly related to underwear. Both genders get sexually excited with specific underwear types which include all underwear types such as stockings, bras, and pantyhose.


The excitement that is considered sexual by men wearing panties can occur in different ways. Some men get excited by the simple act of wearing, having a look at, smelling, sniffing or just mere observation of the panties. In addition, some other men get aroused by another person wearing panties. Cases of panties that are used being stolen have been very common. These cases usually happen for satisfaction purposes.


Men in panties is another popular sexual fixation. A large number of men get aroused by looking at images of used panties on digital devices. These digital devices include personal computers and smartphones.

Men wearing used panties

This is another popular example of panty obsession that involves panties that are used. For the simple reason of satisfaction, both genders usually wear these used panties. This is largely related to men wearing panties who achieve sexual satisfaction out of them. The industry of used panties has developed more over the years. There are several men and women who purchase and sell panties that have been used. A lot of men buy these used panties to wear them and are referred to as men in panties.


The price of used panties usually depends on the number of days that the particular panties have been worn for. Also, the activities that have been done in panties matter a lot when charging them. The industry of used parties is nearly related to the sexual fixation of men in panties.


Benefits of using websites for men wearing panties


The website offers a section for dating that is exclusive to men wearing panties. Here, one finds other men who they share the same enjoyment and pleasures with.


Fake check

This helps men wearing panties to know if the photos that have been uploaded are legit. There is a process for a fake check that users are encouraged to pass.


Private message

This offers a good way to communicate with other users. After one finds an individual he wants to chat with, he can use the function of private message to talk to him.


Live online chat

This offers a chance for individuals to talk with each other in real-time. One is able to interact with new people and knows them.



This is one of the biggest attractions for men wearing panties. They offer galleries for individuals to view and browse.



People are able to upload videos of them in panties to the website. Then other men get the chance to watch the video and get sexual satisfaction.