The men in panties community are exactly that, a huge community of panty wearing men and men in panties. It is such a huge deal because it helps men come together to set up dates, explore their fetishism, and watch videos or view images. Joining the men in panties community is such a big step that everyone should be proud of. Since you have decided to put on panties, it is equally important to understand a little about them, and the men in panties community.

Why are the men in panties community important?

Now, the men in panties community are key to ensuring that all men who decide to put on panties are well conversant with them. Think of it this way, women’s underwear is rather tricky to deal with especially when it is your first time. Wearing women’s panties for the first time feels like you are entering a whole new world. The textures are different and the multitudes of fabrics you have to choose from making the entire process quite difficult.

The men in panties community, therefore, help new members to learn and understand more about the panties they want to wear. For example, thongs are great and sexy, but they need to be worn lower to make them undetectable for men in panties who don’t want visible lines. Also, when you wear thongs and constantly bend over, the thin strips can be rather uncomfortable and may cause redness.

What does it take to sign up for the men in panties community?

The men in panties community is free to signup platform and you get to be anonymous. The requirements are quite simple and it only takes a few minutes to sign up. Once you sign up, you can browse through the magnificent profiles, live chat or message, view panty images or videos, and simply relish the fun. You could send private messages and engage in live chat rooms with women, couples, and men.

What is the advantage of joining men in panties community?

What I found most interesting about the men in panties community, is that it includes a dating section. Wouldn’t it be nice to find that special person who enjoys men in panties just like you do? Not very many dating sites have the option of finding you a partner with such an incredible liking.

Another advantage of joining men in panties community is the fact that you get access to the webcam. This means that you can view in real-time what others are doing. This feature makes the men in panties community quite interesting. Just imagine the number of friends who share the same interest as you that you will be able to interact with thanks to the webcam feature.


The men in panties community is a great way for men to explore their inner fantasies. It is also a great way to interact with people who share the same interests as you. Ensure you conduct extensive research and look at different reviews before joining the men in panties community. Don’t be shy, take the bold step of becoming part of the men in panties community.